postcard Margaret Tarrant
Lord, save us from danger.
I am the Good Shepherd who gives His life for His sheep.

The Good Shepherd heals the wounds of the sheep returning to the fold. Maison Basset, Paris 337
Jesus our Good Shepherd
Happy the one who hears the call of Jesus
and walks in his footsteps.
THE MAGNITUDE OF THE LITTLE VIRTUES Sweetness and simplicity are the ones preferred by Jesus. Bouasse Lebel 1333
I am the Good Shepherd; 
the Good Shepherd gives his life for his sheep.
John 10:11
The Good Shepherd
Bouasse Lebel 2117
With everlasting love I have loved you and drawn you to me.

The Good Shepherd
O, my Jesus, you are so good, so worthy of love! I love you, I love you, I love you.
O, Jesus, Treasure of grace and sweetness,
be our Divine Model.
She has suffered for Jesus, and Jesus carries her in His arms, and fulfills her with the abundance of His graces.
Bouasse-Lebel, Paris
Pl. 330

Holy Family