Innocence oversees.
O Jesus, I brought back the lost sheep.
Let us have confidence in the care of the Good Shepherd. By the translucent figure in the background, the artist shows us that one aspect of the loving care given by the Good Shepherd is the companionship of the guardian angel that He gives to each soul.
The Happy Sheep.

I know my own, and my own know me. John 10:14

I am the Good Shepherd. I know my own, and my own know Me. John 10:14 Jesus, Shepherd of our souls, have mercy on us. Bouasse Lebel & Massin, Paris 267

When the shepherd has found the lost sheep he layeth it on his shoulders. based on Luke 15:3-5
Saintin, Paris
The Good Shepherd gives His life for His sheep.
John 10:11
Let us draw from this divine source that always overflows and never runs out.
The Faithful Sheep
The faithful sheep quench their thirst at the life-giving sources of the  Savior.
If you are at peace in your conscience,
you will be at peace with Jesus.
Bouasse Lebel 3346

Let us be the flock of the Good Shepherd.
Dopter, Paris
The Call of the Sheep.
THE CARESSES OF JESUS  Love and keep for a friend 
the one who does not leave you when all abandon you.  
Bouasse Lebel 1015